Fireproof Coating & Hygiene Coating

Fireproof coating with Intumescent paints is the most modern & internationally accepted method for protection of Steel Structures, Flammable Liquid Units & Storage vessels against the damaging effect of fire. Intumescent paints when used in conjunction with detection devices represent an important segment of overall loss prevention.
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   Affluent Industry Proficiency and Practices

   Water based In-tumescent / Fire Proof Coating

   Thermally Protected Fire Proof Coating

   Fire Retardant In-tumescent Coating

   Anti-carbonation Coating & Hygiene Coating

   Hygienic Anti-Bacterial Protective Coating

   Cost Effective Solution to Raise Property Values

   Moisture Resistant, UV Resistant, & Decorative Coating

   Polyurea, Epoxy, Enamel, and Emulsion Based Protective Coating