HSE Policy

We strive to maintain the highest possible HSE standards, which are reflected by our OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and BS EN ISO 14001 (environment) accreditations. There are a number of methods by which we communicate HSE matters within the Company and these include various site-based talks and reporting processes, meetings, audits, internal information sheets and training.

The company is fully committed to integrate HSE majeure in its program i.e. comprehensive risk assessment and coordinated safety action plans are in place throughout the process. Our HSE policy is implemented rigorously in every program which ensures:

   A safe working environment which is continuously improved with new safer methods of operations

   Employee crews and applicators are up to date with safety hazards, rules and regulations

   All applicable regulations and procedures are carried out with best practices and principles

   Pre-bid safety review of site hazards, application techniques, material storage and handling

   Daily safety review and pre-planning with supervisors and other crew members

   Employee training through workshops and seminars which includes weekly toolbox talks

   To date, we have zero fatal accidents by our strict adherence to safety protocols

   We aim to complete the untaken projects at a zero accident rate at all levels of activity