Anti-Carbonation Coating

High performance anti-carbonation system which concentrates on using barrier coatings to protect concrete from the ingress of water and C02 and allows the free passage of moisture vapour, keeping the surfaces dry and free from the build-up of moisture which can enable diffusion of C02 and chlorides more easily into the concrete substrate.
100% pure acrylic, water based, ultra-low VOC coating, suitable for use on exterior and interior surfaces of concrete and anti-rust primed steel. Over and above protecting concrete from carbonation. The product provides outstanding protection to the substrate against UV rays.

   High Degree of Adhesion (bristle & wrinkle free)

   Stands up to dampness and washing

   Scrub Resistance & stands up to cleaning

   Stain Resistance (does not absorb dirt & dust)

   Chalk Resistance (Maintains colours for life)

   Mildew Resistance (No mildew or mar appearance)

   Colour Resistance (Maintains appearance for life)

   Dirt Resistance (wouldn’t pickup or hold airborne dirt)