Company Profile

We are building economist and are specialists in Planning, Design, Construction of Buildings, Farm House Developments, Insulation & Waterproofing, Interior Decorations, and Space Solution Provider in India and in the UAE with innovative convergence of culture contents. We are an entity with professionals, all hired for a specific combination of education, skills, and experience that they share to cater to several industries.

Our mission & focus is to provide our individual customers with innovative & high quality products and services at valued prices in its own individuality.

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world class products & customer services. The company is committed to good corporate governance, excellence, professionalism, and freedom of thoughts. A trained, confident, and informed workforce is the key to our success.

We strive to maintain the highest possible HSE standards, which are reflected by our OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and BS EN ISO 14001 (environment) accreditations.

Fundamentals to Our Success

Our Customers are the focus of everything we do & their success is our business. Quality in products and services is the cornerstone everything we do. Growth is critical for improving Quality and serving people.

We value People, they are important to our business. We treat one another with dignity and respect; we promote teamwork; we encourage personal and professional growth; we provide a safe and healthy work environment.

Continuous Improvement is the culture within which we operate. When we commit to do something we will do it in the best, most complete, most efficient and most-timely way possible. Then, we will try to think of ways to do it better the next time.


To gain complete confidence and loyalty of our customers by providing best-in-class Quality, Services, and Delivery by meeting their requirements & exceeding their expectations.

To provide a safe and healthy Work Environment for our Employees that will allow them to provide excellent service to our customers and enjoy personal growth and fulfillment.


Danial defines its corporate values based on individual ethics & professionalism drawn from deep within us:

   Lateral thinking helps us to look at every problem with a new perspective

   We are driven by a unified passion, a passion that drives us to deliver the best

   We are simple, reliable, and our services are always user friendly